Why do people date trans women?

People's dating preference is different from one to another, there isn't a common explanation for people's dating preference. We all know that more and more people like to date trans women, why? I just want to share some reasons with you according to my personal experience. These reasons cannot apply to everybody. If you are a guy who likes to date trans women, you can also share your dating experience and opinions with us.

Trans women are best of both worlds

The common reason of most of men like to date trans women is that trans women are best of both worlds. Trans dating is a new experience for men, and they are easily attracted by charming women. Trans women are men at their young age, so they know men very well. They know how to date a man and how to meet men's dating needs. A common misunderstanding on trans women is that they are gay, or men who date trans women are gay. This is an important question I want to explain here. What is gay? It means a man date with another man, they don't like women, and gay never date with women. While, trans women are women, they are not gay, men who date trans women are also not gay, they are cisgender men. Trans women will never have sex with gay, they are totally different from each other. To be honest, If I were a trans woman, I would never mind men date me because of I'm best of both worlds.

Trans women are open-minded

Comparing with cisgender women, trans women are easier to get on with. Cisgeder women always ask for too much when date a man, their hearts are broken by cisgender women. This is another reason why men like to date trans women. Every man has their tolerance level, one a cisgender woman crossed the level, the man may want to find a new dating experience. I sounds like trans women is the second choice of men, but this is the truth. However, the final result is more important than the process sometimes. Some trans women may don't want to date men who look on them as the second choice, it is quite understandable. As a trans woman, don't force yourself to do something you don't want.

Date in the closet

Most of men just date trans women in the closet, while most trans women can accept and understand this act. Trans date provides men with a private space, and this is the third reason why men like to date trans women. Some trans women don't mind men treat them as a secret, on the contrary, they can really enjoy every moments in dating. Transgender women are open-minded, some of them don't like serious dating, they are willing to date and have fun with men, but there are also some trans women want to have long-term relationships with men. No matter you are a trans woman or cisgender man, I hope you can meet the one you want finally.