What will be Changed by Taking Hormones?

For many transgender people who just started their HRT or haven't start transitioning, they may have wondered what will be changed by taking hormones? How does your body change? Someone says that hormones can change your voice, body structure, skin, tec. Is it so? Today, we are taking about what does HRT do on your body. If you are interested, just keep reading.

Do hormones change your body structure? The answer is no. Many people say that hormones can alter your body structure. As a matter of fact, hormones cannot change your body structure. Your body is structured by bones. Hormones cannot change bones. It cannot change your shoulders, feet size or height as well.

Do hormones change your voice? The answer is also no. It cannot change your voice. Your voice can be change by surgeries or practices. You may find many trans women have very feminine and high voice. But that does not owe to hormones. It owes to voice practices. They spent much time on watching tutorials or taking classes in real life. Hormones cannot change your voice.

Do hormones change your skin? Yes. Hormones can change your skin. It can make your skin softer and smoother. If you used to have large pores and rough skin, you may be blessed by hormones. It can shrink your pores and make your skin softer.

Do hormones remove your hair? Yes. After taking hormones, there are huge chances that your hair will completely vanish or some of them at least. It depends on different individuals. However, there are some people who grows hair much faster than before taking hormones. It really varies from person to person.

What do hormones do to your sex drive? This also varies. Some people have much higher sex drive than before, while others feel they don't need any sex completely.

Do hormones make your breasts grow? Yes, it does. This is often applied to all transgender women. Hormones do make your breasts grow. But it is very painful. You will feel they are very sore and swelling painful. That is also the side effect of its growth.

Do hormones shrink your boy parts? Yes, it will for most people.

There are many transgender people are hesitated to transition. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to transition if you are a shemale. It depends on how you want to live your life and your gender dysphoria. If you think you are comfortable with your situation and your gender dysphoria is not that bad, then you don’t have to take hormones or get surgeries. If you think you are not happy with your current situation and you are having big issue with your gender and you think change your gender can make your happier and feel better, maybe you should start transitioning. Also, not every transgender woman should get surgeries. It also depends on how you feel about yourself. You are living your life, not anybody else. Therefore, make your own decisions.