Date trans women don’t make men automatically gays

Some men have a misunderstand of trans dating that who date trans women instantly becoming gay. The purpose of this article is to change this thoughts of people. Because of the lack of basic knowledge about trans people, make cis people question the real gender of trans women which result in misunderstanding them and even discrimination against them. Therefore, understand the concept of transgender and its associated words will help you to truly recognize the gender of trans women.

Sexual orientation and gender identity

As a matter of fact, no matter which one genitalia the trans women have, they are women. Femininity is inherent instead of their choice, and it is an important part of their minds and a true feeling of themself. Besides, sexual orientation and gender identity are completely different things. The former is who you are interested in or attracted to, the latter is who do you feel yourself.

Some men are interested in trans gender women just like they prefer to date with blondes or slim bodies. They think a trans woman is a woman, no different than any other woman. At the same time, transgender women have both inner and outer qualities that attract men.

Trans women deserve to be loved

Just like genetic women, there are all kinds of trans women. All of them
give off this female scent from inside out. After all, They've been walking on the runway since the 1960s. Even if they don't have a fashion model contract, there are a lot of men who are obsessed with them. These trans women are so beautiful, intelligent and elegance that make any men want to date with them.

Today, transgender is becoming more popular and trans dating is also accepted by many men. Looking for a trans women through the transgender dating apps and sites is also popular among the men.

From the above, trans women should not be someone's object of desire and they deserve to be loved. They want to look for a long-term partner to build relationships and families just like other genetic women. Emphasize again, a cis men who choose to date with a trans women that doesn't mean him instantly becoming gay.

Trans women are the same as genetic women

In fact, most trans women are more loving themselves and better know themselves than some genetic women. That's because most of them took a big risk of having transsexual operation in order to show them what they really are. They are more brave and confident than genetic women. Genetic women have what they have, and genetic women don't have what they have.

In conclusion, date a trans women is not making a man automatically gay. Today, we live in an open era where people don't have stigma and stereotypes. That is the reason why transgender people should to be accepted, respected and understood by all the human beings.